Good decision making


5/20/20242 min read

Good decision making

We've all been there – steaming mad, heart pounding, and faced with a decision that needs to be made. But hold on! Before you react in the heat of the moment, let's talk about why making decisions when you're emotional, stressed, or angry is a recipe for disaster!

Imagine your brain is a high-tech control center. When you're calm and collected, all the functions are operating smoothly, processing information clearly. But when emotions flare up, it's like a surge of electricity hitting the system. Logic gets sidelined! Reason takes a back seat, and suddenly, our emotional state is hijacking the decision-making process.

Think of it like trying to navigate a ship in a hurricane. The waves are crashing, the wind is howling, and clear thinking goes out the window. You might end up making rash choices that could lead you straight into the rocks!

Here's the danger: Decisions made in the throes of anger, stress, or sadness are often impulsive. They're fueled by our emotional state, not by a clear assessment of the situation. We might say things we regret, make choices that hurt ourselves or others, and end up creating a bigger mess than we started with.

So, what's the secret to making wise decisions? Hit the pause button! Give yourself some space to cool down. Take a few deep breaths, go for a walk, punch a pillow (metaphorically speaking, of course!). Let the emotional storm pass before you even attempt to make a critical choice.

Here are some power tools to help you:

⦁ The 24-hour rule: Feeling fired up? Promise yourself you won't make a decision until you've had a good night's sleep and a chance to see things with fresh eyes.

⦁ Talk it out: Seek the counsel of a trusted friend, mentor, or colleague. Talking about the situation can help you gain perspective and make a more rational choice.

⦁ Journal it out: Dump your feelings onto paper. Sometimes, just getting it all out can clear your head and allow you to see the situation more objectively.

Remember, my friends, emotions are powerful. But they shouldn't be the sole drivers of your decisions. By taking a step back, calming the storm within, and approaching challenges with a clear head, you'll be well on your way to making choices that empower you and move you closer to your goals.

So, the next time you feel that surge of emotion, take a deep breath, and remember: a wise decision is worth more than a quick reaction. Go forth and conquer your challenges, not with impulsive anger, but with the strategic brilliance of a calm and collected mind!